Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Kaye's Pepeha

He Pepeha a Pehamino

Tēnā koutou , Tēnā koutou, Tēnā koutou kātoa.
Ko Vaea tōku maunga (mountain)
Ko Apalima tōku awa (river)
Ko Polynesian Airline tōku waka (canoe)
Ko Ngati Hamoa tōku iwi (tribe)
Nō Hamoa ahau (where I am from)
Ko Moananu tōku matua (Dad)
Ko Malia tōku whaea (Mum)
Ko Michelle tāku hoa wahine (husband / wife)
Ko Pesamino Solomona Sagato Petelo Sanele Tili tōku ingoa (name)
He kaimahi ahau i te kura o Manawa Tapu, Otepoti. (I teach at ______ school)

Elmgrove Student Pepeha Template

Using Telegami in a Novel Study! By Jo and Sheryl

Telagami idea

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sacred Heart's Epic Cheese Roll Song

Padlet - Reflections from our day - time in the pit!

Otago Cluster Amazing Race Storify

Storify is a tool used to store the tweets of the day #otagocluster into a story!

Team Ako: Silver Stream

The Silverstream

  1. What is the Māori name for the Silverstream.

  1. Where does it flow from, to?
"Rises in the Silverpeaks hills north of Dunedin, on the southern slope of Silver Peak itself, and flows initially southwards through a steep-sided forested valley before turning west at the eastern edge of the Taieri Plains at the foot of Three Mile Hill, close to Invermay Research Station. It continues in a southwesterly direction past the northern edge of Mosgiel, reaching the Taieri River two kilometres north of Allanton. Its total length is about 30 kilometres."


  1. Photos of flooding remedies
The river has a history of flooding, but this has been remedied by the artificial raising of its banks, especially close to Mosgiel. In mid-2006, after heavy rain, the Silver Stream flooded at some points, but did not flood on the part of the bank running close to the town.


  1. Bonus points for photos of caution signs

Team Ako Boys Zone

Today we visited the site of the Otago Aero Club in Mosgiel.  There are a number of "enterprises" based at this site.

Two are non-profits:

  • Otago Aero Club
  • The Taieri Blokes Shed

The Taieri Blokes have created this awesome bench outside their door by recycling an old school style bench.

It was exciting to capture this ACTION of the rescue helicopter!

Team Ako Mollywood

Welcome to Mollywood where all the famous people live.  Mosgiel (aka Mollywood) gained it's nicename for the Hollywood style sign at the entrance to this beautiful little town.

This quote from the New Zealand Herald explains the history of the sign.

The sign was the brain child of Neil Buckley, a member of the Mosgiel Rotary Club and the Mosgiel Retailers' Association.
"Basically it was an idea I had in July 1986 as I felt that Mosgiel should be put on the map a wee bit more," Mr Buckley says.
"I felt we needed a bit of publicity for the town - and we got it."
Mr Buckley approached both the Rotary club and retailers' association, who agreed it was a good idea. The sign was adopted as a 50th anniversary project for the Rotary club.
"We started building it in early 1987 ... and it was finally assembled in 25 July 1987. And on Wednesday the 29th it was lit up by the Mayor of Mosgiel, the late Allan Seddon."
Mosgiel's tale echoes Wellywood sign debate
By Paul Harper
6:38 PM Tuesday May 24, 2011
Date retrieved: 30 July 2015

Luck visitors to this tremendously inviting attraction will also be able to enjoy a spot of geocaching at one of two caches nearby.  One is aptly named "Mollywood" and the other "By Gum".

Team ATV

What a fantastic way to spend the day. Hooning around in the 'Loser Cruiser' with team ATV aka Andrea Tania and Victoria.

Team Ako: Saddle Hill

  1. What are the names of the two hills?
Jaffray's Hill (Larger hill), Scrogg's Hill (Smaller hill)

  1. What are the current concerns for Saddle Hill. 
  2. Photos showing the damage... Bonus points for 'protest' shots
Mining for road grit which is destroying the aesthetics of a beautiful hill. Our protest photo was taken with the Site Manager. The Site Manager was appreciative of us asking for permission to use images as they have been having trouble with protesters and media. 

CARS Amazing Race Record of Perfection

Come view our GoogleSlide, showing the record of our day out in the country...


Our GOOGLE SLIDE is amazing.  Check out all the answers here!  Prepare to be amazed at just how on task we have been today!!!!!