Thursday, July 30, 2015

Team Ako: Silver Stream

The Silverstream

  1. What is the Māori name for the Silverstream.

  1. Where does it flow from, to?
"Rises in the Silverpeaks hills north of Dunedin, on the southern slope of Silver Peak itself, and flows initially southwards through a steep-sided forested valley before turning west at the eastern edge of the Taieri Plains at the foot of Three Mile Hill, close to Invermay Research Station. It continues in a southwesterly direction past the northern edge of Mosgiel, reaching the Taieri River two kilometres north of Allanton. Its total length is about 30 kilometres."

  1. Photos of flooding remedies
The river has a history of flooding, but this has been remedied by the artificial raising of its banks, especially close to Mosgiel. In mid-2006, after heavy rain, the Silver Stream flooded at some points, but did not flood on the part of the bank running close to the town.

  1. Bonus points for photos of caution signs

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